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Hockey Skates Vs. Figure Skates

Let us face it, if a man skates, does he even care what people think? The larger the group of people you violate, the more likely you should encounter someone that trips you up knowingly or not. You will find plenty more equipment and gadgets on hand in stores. Sports shops are plentiful not merely around the nation, but across…

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Ice Mom’s Sewing Guide: How To Airbrush A Figure Skating Dress

Rest of the children have to randomly stand on the rink. Share to: How do you make a backyard ice rink? This guide refers to the test levels of the United Skate Figure Skating Association (USFSA) and the Ice Skating Institiute (ISI). Fortunately, there are many levels at which figure skaters of all ages can compete: preliminary, pre-Juvenile, juvenile, intermediate,…

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Ice Mom’s Adventures In Figure Skating

Children, particularly boys love to watch planes, so why don’t you visit your closest airport and watch as the planes take off and land. After spending a few hundred dollars to get skates, her daughter stopped just months later when the school semester began mentioning that she “didn’t really love hockey.” I guess those skates make great bookends. The tendency…

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