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Riedell Roller Skates

It wasn’t until athletes understood that for each of these events a different set of abilities and strategy was employed. And what kind of dramatic turn events would it be without ridiculous costumes. Hockey and racing skates do not feature the kind of built-up heel you will find on a figure skate. Let’s take a quick look at how skates…

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Ice Skates For Kids And Adults

Sizing According to Jackson Women’s Sizing Chart. I should be finished with this chart in a few weeks. With the Radius of Hollow, a boy’s ability level and individual style discipline are used to create different skate blades. Skate blades are manufactured using carbon steel and are heat tempered to create them more sturdy and continue more on the ice.…

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Kids Ice Skates

Gradually, as the boots broke in and molded more to my feet and ankles, the pressure points went away, so I do not now need to use the Band-Aids. The goal here is not to do perfect alternating crossovers right away, but to get accustomed to doing one crossover one way, then the other in the opposite direction down the…

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